Artist in Residence

In the run up to the 2017 South Ken Kids Festival, French illustrator Baudoin will be artist in residence at the Institut français! Acting as Ambassador to your beloved festival, the author of Dali, Peau d’Ane, and Méditerranée (among so many others!) will be bringing his inks, paint and brushes to add a touch of French poetry to our newly renovated Médiathèque, as well as holding workshops and running around London to meet young illustrators for a whole week.

To top it all off, this residence will be closing with an extraordinary live drawing session on Wednesday 15 November at 7.00pm.

The Residence is supported by the Friends of the French Institute trust as part of Projet Lumière(s).

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Last year, the artist in residence was Barroux. Watch the video of the making of his fresco at Bibliothèque Quentin Blake.